Oh Calvin!

Here’s a story I’ve written for The Elephant Journal……..actually it is a snippet that came out of a revelation that I had on how comic strips affect the psyche of the Parent and the story of relationships.

Dedicated to my Fifth Gear Addict Sons…….

I love books, so my kids should love books, right? It’s genetic: Mom loves books, so do her kids.

No, no, no.

Books remind kids of so many other things—especially homework.

What do I do to help my sons love reading?

I let them choose.

Their favourite reading experience is cramming glossy car magazines.

I worry about their losing out on fiction. Granted, they are learning to compare the speeds of a Lamborghini and a Porsche—they are always learning—but I wanted them to get something out of pages the way I did a long time ago.

Enter Bill Watterson…..

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