Reading with my Smartphone

Reading on your smartphone can be a bit addictive and maybe even laced with distraction but have you ever tried reading your paperback or hardcover with your smartphone?

Books are often very geography specific. It’s one thing watching a movie about a story set in a moor and quite another reading a heavily descriptive piece about one. You could decide to abandon a book because you can’t understand the landscape but sometimes that inaccessibility is a good thing- it makes you curious.

What I did while reading one of Robert Macfarlane’s brilliant books was google words, particularly the names of trees and birds and flowers that are completely foreign to my landscape and look for their images. This kind of reading does take much longer but it is so enriching!

It’s not just dictionary meanings I track down now- seeing the thing, especially with nature writing, changes the way you read and experience the book.

When some of you read my ebook Unsettled, you may wonder  what a yakshi or Indian femme fatale  looks like. What is the panna tree that she sits on like? You may have a mental picture of what you read but googling it could give you a complete shock!

I find this method very interesting while reading poems from diverse landscapes. Have you tried it?

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  1. i do read a lot on my phone, and’ve found it convenient, frustrating, enriching, and handy 😉

    apps that can sync across devices esp work well, kindle and ibooks readers

    but i’ve read blog posts, comment threads, all kinds of stuff

    poetry and literature (or any kind of book i like) work well too, even when a bit small; i’ve also changed my phone settings for a larger type size on the screen

    and, as you mention, being able to flick over to another app, make a call, check mail, take a quick picture, all that – is very nice 🙂

    happy belated new year neelima, hope you’re doing well 🙂

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