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Shweta Ganesh Kumar tagged me in the Writing Process Blog Tour. She’s a wonderfully accomplished writer with three books to her credit and a huge fan following. Check out her latest book A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land and read her motherhood bulletin with badly drawn cartoons here.

When she asked me to join this little blog tour she told me to jot down little nothings about my writing process. I’ve always been interested in the how of writing which is why I have talked to various writers, poets and editors. Here’s my view:

 What am I working on?

Writing in progress!

 How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Mostly I work on poems, writing and then rewriting. Keeping poems in mind, it is hard to answer this question. As for my book ‘Unsettled’ it doesn’t fall into the stereotypical paranormal plot. For one thing, the paranormal character is from Southern India and she’s called a Yakshi. She is a sort of angry feminist in my eyes- the sort who drinks her man’s blood and smashes his skull.  I wanted to fuse a bit of poetry into the novella, so one of the characters was a poet. It’s a form of writing that is filled with possibility.

Why do I write what I do?

I usually write poems and this novella is an extension of that. I was surprised when I wrote a story with a paranormal theme, but in many ways ‘Unsettled’ is an extension of my interest in folklore and myth.

 How does my writing process work?

I enjoy reading about how accomplished writers have their unique writing process but I think that this is something you will know once you have written over a period of several books. What I have learnt about my writing habits is that writing poems and fiction are two different stories altogether. It takes a lot of time to put the pieces together in a story. One needs to be terrifically patient. Poetry is experimental- you take the plunge and there it is. Then you edit it. I particularly enjoy the possibilities that spin out of the prewriting stage when all ideas are raw and waiting to be used.


Thank you Shweta for tagging me! You can read about Shweta’s process here.

As part of the game, I’m tagging two writers for you to blog hop to.:

D.A Lascelles is a former clinical scientist turned teacher.In 2011 he released a short story entitled ‘Gods of the Sea’ in the Pirates and Swashbucklers anthology by Pulp Empires. He is also the author of Transitions, part of the Shades of Love series by Mundania press, a paranormal romance. You can find his blog on WordPress – Lurking Musings

Pamela Q. Fernandes has written a book called Seoul Mates with Indireads. She’s a doctor and medical writer. She blogs here.


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