In a new year mood (that has been dampened by the ways of the world) I visited my Submittable page(the page where are all your submissions to poetry and fiction journals can be recorded) and saw that my submission count of poetry and fiction has been so very limited!

Why is this?

There could be many reasons I do not submit enough and many that you do this as well.

In general, there are many problems with submitting poems. Most magazines will not accept poetry published on your blog or any other social media. So you limit posting them and since posing them is as good as an incentive as any, you write less poetry!

Then there is the problem of writing poems in a  consistent place. Many poems I’ve written have been misplaced or have disappeared along with my hard disk (I’m still grieving over this). You can never capture a poem once it is lost as you  write it in a certain kind of state of mind. How do you save the state of mind?

Then there is the manuscript. You pack whatever you have salvaged into a single Word Doc. The doc grows and grows and then when you look at it after a while, you wonder why so many expletives are about to erupt.

After all you wrote this.

Submittable has salvaged one or two poems I wrote and I am grateful as I can download some work that never made it into the world. Rejections are sometimes a godsend when all memory, your own and the digital Proust fail.

© neelthemuse, 2015
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  1. Writing with a simple pencil ….you hear the whispering of the words you
    can smell the intention between the lines. And as a reader , read a poem twice and then speak the words loud and intensly and than you may
    taste the feeling of the universe.


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