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I’m reading a book called Us by David Nicholls. It’s reading in progress and I’m not writing a comment about the book or rating it, though I must say it is lovely.

The thing about this book is it’s good to have a smartphone while you are reading it. The reason being that the book is about a family’s tour through art museums in Europe.Every time I see the name of a painting I’ve never heard of I google it.

This is a painting by Giueseppe Arcimboldo famous for his portraits using vegetables and fruits. Nicholls writes about this painting in a few words. In another century the painting would have been described in much more detail, but nowadays it is assumed that the average reader will have a smartphone and if curious can always pursue curiosity. Besides the painting does nothing to further the plot in the story and so description is not required.

Another image Nicholls talks about in a very casual way is An Experiment with a Bird in an Air Pump by Joseph Wright. And what a find it is!

Google has only enriched the reading experience, especially with a book such as this. Have you relied on your smartphone while reading books? Tell me about it.

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  1. The first image suggests to me the “Green Man”, a nature-figure in myth probably based on European pre-Christian religions. He’s often shown with a human body made up of plant material.

  2. Beautiful post, Neelima! Thanks to you, I have discovered two new paintings. I sometimes read about painters and check out their paintings online while reading a book or watching a movie. I remember discovering Georgia O’Keefe like that. Google and the smartphone are really great things – I agree with you. So happy to see you back blogging 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  3. And the book ‘Us’ is filled with so many paintings Vishy. After a great deal of looking up paintings, I finally finished the book and I really think that I need to learn more about art history!

  4. It sounds so wonderful, Neelima! I will look for it. Hope you have fun exploring art history! There is a book called The Story of Art by E.H.Gombrich. I think you might like it. It is so beautiful.

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