Writing as Process

I found a cartoon on twitter by Tom Gauld….

This is exactly what is happening to my characters now. They are changing entirely. Women into men, children into women, men into monsters. The plot is not a straight line and neither are the characters. The material you thought you didn’t need and had rewritten comes back in different forms. Writing is becoming more and more about rewriting. It’s very hard to explain and best to leave confined to the mysterious word-process.

I wonder at the tutorials and videos and how-tos of writing a book. Even if you write down verbatim that your plot will be such and such and your characters will be so and so, when you combine them on the page they scurry off like ants in different directions.

Has that happened to you?





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  1. It happens to me too, Neelima. My characters try to run off, and I have to rein them in and keep them focused on the goal. I think the tendency of characters to tell their own stories is one of the most fun things about writing. 🙂

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