Selected Scribblings

I write with friends on and off and many times I meet them, I realize that I don’t have a notebook with me. Very unwriterly, but a fact. So I borrow paper and scribble sensory stories or prompt responses. When I get home, I forget about these sentences. The papers languish in some handbag until the next time I meet my friends. Ad infinitum.

Today I decided that I WILL TYPE OUT THESE SENTENCES. Who knows if a word or a line can inspire a story or a scene?

One more thing- which writerly newsletter do you like the most? I’m working on a newsletter at work and I’ve been digging into my spam folder for the many newsletters that have been languishing there like my pieces of paper.

Found a couple of gems- spam can hold quite a few treasures sometimes.

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  1. Hi, Neelima – I don’t have “a” fav newsletter, but I like several, like from Jane Friedman, Joe Konrath, and a few others. Jane has links with summaries of interesting topics, while Joe has a longer conversational one – they seem like they cover the spectrum of most newsletters I see. I know newsletters are so supposed to be “it” – but if I add one more thank, lol 😂 to blog posts, uploading new images to Fine Art America, painting, taking photos, putting items on eBay, learning to add affiliate links to my blog pages, I’ll just have to stop eating and take less breaths 😊 Did I mention Twitter, Instagram, FB, and remembering what I was thinking about? Saying all that, I do read newsletter that aren’t too long, are interesting and/or fun, and maybe have a nice picture. All the best, Neelima! 🙂

  2. I really don’t know how you do it, Adan. It is so hard to be genuine on the internet- to comment on posts and retweet and share. Lots to learn from you…
    Newsletters are tricky, so many of them lie languishing in my inbox. I guess a mix of useful links and original content would work. Thanks so much!

  3. You’re too creative that trying out ideas wouldn’t hurt; it seems folks can do a lot with newsletters now vs even a few years ago – might be fun for you to play with & just tell folks, “ok, I’m trying this out – might do more of this, maybe not.” Just be yourself & have fun 😊

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