#NaNoWriMo 2019

It’s NaNoWriMo month. I’ve been trying to do the 50,000 word count in November for many years now. Most of the time, something comes up and I stop. This year I’m trying again but the only reason I’m attempting it is because I have an idea about where the story should be going. And behind that knowledge is months of sleeping on it.

I believe that every month has the potential for 50,000 words- if we can sit at the desk and write every day, this is not impossible. The whole idea of writing with fellow writers, comparing stats and earning badges is appealing and removes the dry spots that a writer’s life is filled with. But how many of us create first drafts that we actually end up using?

The first draft is just a draft and it takes so many revisions and so many Novembers to arrive at a happy place. I’ve been working on a story for a long time now and one thing I do know is that the first draft is not remotely connected to the story that it has become.

More on that story I have been working on soon!

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