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How’s the NaNoWriMo going? I started but halfway through I realized that I need to read up a bit more, so am back to reading…it’s satisfying to have a word count of 2000 odd words a day but unless you really know how you want to frame a chapter how do you achieve that word count?

I wrote a poem yesterday- bursts of syllables, two words a line, very minimalist. Today I tried rewriting the same poem as prose. This was an attempt to increase the word count and it actually worked. More words and more texture. It’s an interesting way of writing prose if you like to write poems first.

The poem has the feel and even a subtle story line. Prose just gives it body, characterization and dialogue to make it alive. Have you tried turning your poetry into prose or vice versa? And does failing to increase your word count feel like time running out to you?

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  1. Vice Versa 😊 I realized some of my prose in parts of my stories sounded like poems wanting to be heard; even wrote some parts of stories out, with stanza breaks, some adjustments, kinda amazing! So glad it’s also working the other direction for you, Neelima – maybe post an example? Be neat to see! 😊

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