The Making of the Young Author Program Anthology

As those of you occasionally pop onto my blog know, I did a series of Young Author Program workshops last year. The good thing about the workshops besides the frolic and fun was that I was finally able to put all the stories together into an anthology- a cute little book called Ice Creams and Time Machines.

Why the name Ice Creams and Time Machines? Both of these ideas feature in the book. One of the youngest YAPPERs on board loved ice cream soooooooo much:) and on the cover, you see an artwork featuring a time machine. The stories also go back and forth in time and through portals in some cases, so the name seemed apt.

While going through the final stories that came out of the workshop, my friend Ishaana noticed that there were a couple of common themes that the children worked on- pets was an obvious choice, relationships and family was a favorite, not to mention sci-fi and fantasy, a comic strip and even detective fan-fiction.

Once the stories were somewhat in order, I got the illustrations and formatting done at One of our YAPPERs is a brilliant artist and I chose her picture for the cover. Making a book is a long process and especially interesting when you are part of every stage from conception to the final product.

You can buy the books here:

Print version of Ice Creams and Time Machines

eBook Version of Ice Creams and Time Machines and the contributors will donate any proceeds generated from the sales of this book to support a library building campaign via the Donate a Book platform. So don’t hesitate to pick up a copy!

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