Young Author Program-5 in April 2020

It’s the first time that I conducted the Young Author Program online. I wondered if the ‘can you hear me?’ and the mute/unmute button would change the writing experience. But once we all tuned in, it worked out fine…I had students from Bangalore, Kochi, Vijayawada and Delhi. On the whole, there was an imagination overdrive.

The stories that the children wrote featured the pandemic (obviously!), a Swiggy Delivery Girl, an albino giraffe who turned against elf poachers, the making of a Librarian (a dystopian world anti-hero), a koala’s adventures, vampire children on a quest, an Anime character, a kingdom won, a penguin’s adventures to the south pole and a penguin who doesn’t like to study….each story and message unique.

I’ve been going through the stories all of last week and it’s heartening that this period of stasis and uncertainty in our lives has been put to real good use. There were stories and illustrations as well…the creativity quotient was at an all time high! Proud of my #YAPPERs!

Might just be doing another online YAP session soon.

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