Oh Calvin!

Here’s a story I’ve written for The Elephant Journal……..actually it is a snippet that came out of a revelation that I had on how comic strips affect the psyche of the Parent and the story of relationships. Dedicated to my Fifth Gear Addict Sons……. I love books, so my kids … Continue Reading Oh Calvin!

Traffic Signal

Poverty does have a face. During my driving stint, I came across the traffic signal revelation, that fleeting second between red and green….. A thingly woman holds a thing A baby drugged with dreams Gear change, the interlude chatter in the brain What is that? An empty bottle, a ploy … Continue Reading Traffic Signal

Send out a prayer

There’s a very sad headline going on right now about a baby who has been severely injured. The story is hard to believe like so many stories out there that speak of human ignorance and absence of compassion. Do pray for the child, a two year old abused and battered….. … Continue Reading Send out a prayer


I have read contrasting views about co-sleeping. Should children sleep away from the mother from day one or should they stick to the womb for a longer time and bond? Either way, there have been many controversial views. If facts interest you, read this feature on babies and knives. Sleeping … Continue Reading Co-sleeping