Sometimes all of us, at one point or the other, think about the people with us, without us and those others who disappeared for various reasons. What surprises the most are the people with us. If we step outside the taken for granted zone, these people are so basic to … Continue Reading Fabric


Got into a little argument about the existence of a soul mate- is there such a thing? *** A little to the right, yes, can you see right there? He’s the one- he’ll build you a dream to wake up to in the morning And sing you a song when … Continue Reading Soulmate

Work on Weekends

  Work has become such an integral part of life today that spouses tend to ignore each other. One starts ignoring the other and then the other retaliates by returning that lack. The cycle does not end, and gets particularly acute when work happens on successive weekends. In the end … Continue Reading Work on Weekends