Getting Back to Writing

It often happens that I write a couple of chapters and then am inundated with reasons not to continue. This can go on for a couple of weeks, even months. In the back of my head, I wonder: Is it writer’s block? Is it laziness? Is it fear?

This happened to me just now. I had started writing a new bunch of chapters and I was stuck. I decided to fill in the dead time by indulging in numerous activities.

I was not worried though and this is a change. The writing cycle has highs and lows and I am able to deal with many non-writing days. I fill it up with many other things and time is a constraint, yes but the need to finish the story makes beginning the story again exciting. If you are returning to an old draft after a long time, the only thing you can do is start from the beginning. Read and fill in the blanks. There will be lots to fill and you will feel a river in your mind- relief.

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