Here’s part of a thought on what non-sleeping people think as opposed to sleeping people. These are two camps of the world, one never understanding the other. It is dark And everything around me is dropping off Except the bloody clock that ticks and tocks…..   What surprises In those … Continue Reading Insomniac

Grass talk

Did you know The stench of death Makes good manure? ** Fertile the mass grave Bursting at the seams With dreams. ** I the contradictory rose. My bud a heart that beats And remembers. **   © neelthemuse,2011

Ode to an honest autowallah who charged Rs 24 only/- …guess where?

It’s difficult commuting in cities in India….people grow old traveling, negotiating, begging, abusing autowallahs……you can’t blame them….and you can’t back their excessive demands either. here’s part of a poem that happened on one sun lit day when I met a good autowallah, a good person.   Most of the time  … Continue Reading Ode to an honest autowallah who charged Rs 24 only/- …guess where?


Put your finger on your lips Hands on your back Do not breathe even. Sit in a circle With your group Clap your hands. We sit in different spheres Our shadows the same, Each life biting an opposite part.       © 2011 by neelthemuse