Young Author Program-4 in July, August 2019

Over a couple of Sundays in July and August, I commuted to Artwist, Electronic City where I met a bunch of eager young writers- the most playful batch I’ve had to date. The oldest writer here was eleven and the youngest eight. The classroom was apt- a room filled with children’s drawings and an inspiring picture of the artist Salvador Dali.

The children talked and giggled and wrote and wrote and wrote sooooooooo very much. They even illustrated their ideas. No one can name a character like a child can- what do you think of the name Cream Bluh? I loved it.

We discussed spiders, gamers, peanut butter, farts, firebirds, pigeon poop and ice cream. All in all, it was a feel-good writing session and I really miss the bright naughty young Yappers of the YAP4 session!

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