Young Author Program-6 in July 2020

Whenever I hold the YAP sessions, serendipity follows. This time someone gifted the YAP program as a birthday gift to a talented young writer. I made friends with a lovely elderly lady who encouraged me to keep hosting sessions like these, my friends went all out to help me spread the word and I got my first international student!

It never ceases to amaze me how a little prompting and guidance can lead children to come up with meaningful stories. This time my students wrote space adventures, thrillers, fables and riddles. There were dog astronauts, adventurous lady bugs, warring wizards and fantastic Pharaohs. We were comfortable with online learning – we communicated just fine and listened to each other. It looks like we are all getting used to an online reality.

Honestly, when the sessions ended, I was really sad. If only for a short time, my students and I lived in a world of plots and characters, the pandemic far beyond us.

***** Some good news! Reeham’s story has been published in Lucky Jefferson. Am so excited that I was part of her writing journey. Bobo the penguin is a character to watch out for. Read Bobo and the Magic Cloak here.

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